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Stop Childhood Sexual Abuse

Join NMSC in preventing the sexual abuse of children by pledging your voice on behalf of all children who could not, or cannot, speak for themselves.  Take a stand by taking our pledge and raise awareness of childhood sexual abuse in your community. 

Valuing Sexual Abuse Claims Not Simple

Pedophile Facts Featuring Jerry Sandusky

Long-term Health Consequences of Abuse

MD State Fair Winner Charged

Video Coming Soon!

Wayne Coffey hosts a stunning production exposing the truths about childhood sexual abuse. The video coming soon captures the importance of how to notice warning signs and how to cope once a child comes forward. By sharing his life story, Wayne brings awareness to the difficult reality that many people have to face. The video will be shown in Pennsylvania Public Schools to shed light on the topic of childhood sexual abuse. Other states have been approached and we are working on expanding the distribution to surrounding areas. The video includes testimonials from someone who was abused, the parents of a child who was abused, a Psychologist and an abuser who speak candidly about their experiences. There is a very honest approach to the production that is both educational and impactful. We can’t wait to share.

Programs & Seminars
  • SeminarsWayne Coffey shares his story of survival and healing. His speeches are thoughtful and dynamic, inviting listeners to make their own pledge to protect and preserve the innocence and purity of young people through outreach and education.

  • Children are often scared to come forward, and parents and caregivers may not recognize or understand the signs that indicate abuse.

    No More Stolen Childhoods will bring the Safe Kid Club program to elementary schools, daycare centers and camps nationwide, educating and empowering children to understand and identify inappropriate behavior, and will teach them how to speak up if it occurs.

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