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"No More Stolen Childhoods" by Wayne Coffey This is the courageous story of Wayne Coffey, the founder of No More Stolen Childhoods. Coffey himself was victimized by his uncle from age five to 13. It was not until Coffeys 40s, however, that he revealed his painful secret. Doing so required him to relive his painful experiences, as well as to re-evaluate his life and relationships. Although his story is heart wrenching, it, ultimately, is inspirational. For as we learn, sexual abuse may be a crime that lasts a lifetime, but it cannot stop the human spirit from creating a hopeful future.

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Sexual Abuse Causes Lasting Damage To Its Victims

"I understand that childhood sexual abuse is devastating and causes lasting damage to its victims."

Not only does childhood sexual abuse cause far-reaching emotional, social and physiological problems, it also affects many of its victims physically, causing health problems, eating disorders, and suicide.

Victims are often substance abusers, with high rates of drug and alcohol problems.

Many victims become pregnant teens.

Victims are also more likely to have criminal problems later in life.

Sexual abuse destroys self-esteem and creates feelings of shame, guilt and depression, most of which never go away. Victims of sexual abuse live with the effects of abuse for the rest of their lives and consequently so do their families and loved ones. With help, a victim can reclaim their life from the devastation of abuse, but it is a lifelong journey. Childhood sexual abuse is deeply painful and significant in a person's life and in society at large.